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Prelit Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Embrace the season’s festive spirit with the glow of lighted Christmas wreaths. This radiant addition to your holiday decorating traditions looks great on doors, windows, cabinets, and more.

How to Plug in Pre-Lit Wreath

Follow the steps below to turn on your pre-lighted Christmas wreath:

  1. Identify the nearest outlet to your display area. Use an extension cord if necessary.
  2. Before plugging in, check the wreath’s electrical cord or bulbs for any signs of damage. Replace lights if necessary.
  3. Gently unravel the cord from the wreath, taking care not to pull or strain the wires attached to the wreath.
  4. Route the cord along the wall or floor and secure it with cord clips or tape to prevent tripping hazards. Avoid placing it under rugs or in high-traffic areas.
  5. Once the cord is secured, plug the wreath into the outlet and turn it on. If your wreath has a timer function, set it according to your preferences.
  6. After turning on the wreath, do a quick safety check. Ensure the cord isn’t near flammable materials or water sources.

If you want more decorating flexibility, use battery-lighted Christmas wreaths so you don’t have to worry about cords and outlets.

How To Hang Pre-Lit Wreath on Front Door

Set up your pre-lit holiday wreaths with ease by following the instructions below.

  1. Select a wreath hanger that fits your door type. Over-the-door hangers and hooks work well for many standard-sized doors. You can also use a ribbon, a string, and a nylon fishing line.
  2. If you’re using a wreath hanger, carefully place it on your door and ensure it is level. Then, gently place the wreath onto the hanger and adjust the foliage and decorations as necessary.
  3. To hang a wreath using ribbons, strings, or nylon fishing line, start by securing one end of the ribbon or string on the interior side of the door. Then, drape it over the edge of the door and secure the wreath on the other end of the ribbon or string. Adjust the height of the wreath as needed to achieve your desired look.
  4. If your wreath is not battery-operated, run the power cord to the nearest outlet. Use an extension cord if needed and hide it neatly to prevent tripping and maintain visual appeal.
  5. Turn on your wreath and do a quick safety check. Adjust decorations if needed.

As the holiday season draws near, adding a pre-lit Christmas wreath to your décor can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Display them on your front door, or use them as a centerpiece in your living space to light up your festive celebrations. Request a catalog to see the rest of our selection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Read our answers to more questions about lighted wreaths for Christmas below.

Can Pre-Lit Wreaths Be Used Outdoors?

Before decorating, check the product specifications to ensure the wreath is suitable for outdoor conditions and the lights are rated for outdoor use.

How Do You Store a Pre-Lit Wreath?

Keep your wreath in a wreath storage bag to protect it from damage. Remove batteries from battery-operated wreaths and wrap cords carefully to avoid tangling.

Are the Lights on Pre-Lit Wreaths Replaceable?

If a bulb burns out, you can usually replace it with a spare bulb that often comes with the wreath.

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