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Outdoor Christmas Wreaths

Deck your home with outdoor wreaths to add holiday cheer to your entryways. These festive adornments, ranging from pre-lit classics to snowy stunners, are ideal for bringing the spirit of the season to your doorstep.

How To Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Wreath?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make your undecorated wreath merry and bright.

  1. Choose Your Theme – Decide on a color scheme or theme. Traditional colors like red, green, and gold are timeless favorites, while silver and blue can evoke a wintry feel. For a creative twist, opt for pink, purple, or teal.
  2. Select Your Base – Pick a weather-resistant wreath as a lush backdrop for your decorations.
  3. Add Lights – If your wreath isn’t pre-lit, weave in outdoor-safe LED light strings.
  4. Pick Your Decorations – Choose shatter-resistant ornaments, wooden figures, and nature-inspired accessories. Tie them to the wreath with floral wire or string.
  5. Attach Ribbons – Use fabric that can hold up against the elements, like burlap or weatherproof ribbons, to make bows.
  6. Secure Additional Greenery – If you want more fullness, tuck in sprigs of artificial holly, mistletoe, or pinecones.

How To Hang Exterior Christmas Wreaths

There are several creative ways to hang your outdoor greenery, and here’s how you can do it.

  • Door Hangers – Use an over-the-door wreath hanger for a simple, no-fuss installation.
  • Ribbons – Hang your wreath with a sturdy ribbon looped over the top of the door and fixed to the inside with a thumbtack or hook.
  • Adhesive Hooks – When displaying outdoor wreaths for windows, a transparent adhesive hook can be a great solution.
  • Magnetic Hangers – If you have a metal door, a magnetic wreath hanger is a convenient and scratch-free option.
  • Nails or Hooks – For a more permanent fixture, use nails or outdoor hooks, taking care to waterproof any punctures in the door.

Create a warm, inviting welcome to your home with holiday wreaths. Visit the Resource Center for more guides, tips, and decorating ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are our answers to some common questions on outdoor greenery décor.

What Materials Are Outdoor Christmas Wreaths Made From?

Outdoor-safe wreaths are commonly crafted from materials like PVC, polyethylene, and UV protective coating that can endure harsh weather conditions. They often mimic the lush greenery of natural greenery while providing durability and ease of maintenance.

What Kind of Lights Are Safe To Use on Outdoor Wreaths?

When using outdoor Christmas wreaths with lights, it’s essential that the LED bulbs are labeled ‘safe for outdoor use.’ If you’re stringing lights manually, make sure they’re waterproof and suitable for the temperatures in your area.

Can I Leave My Outdoor Wreath Up All Winter?

Yes, wreaths made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials can stay up throughout the winter season. However, it’s important to periodically check for any signs of wear or damage. To make your outdoor wreath for the front door last longer, we recommend displaying it for up to three months per year.

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