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Spring Décor

Refresh your home with an abundance of color and seasonal blooms with vibrant faux flowers. Balsam Hill offers a variety of indoor and outdoor artificial flowers to brighten your home. Handcrafted for a lifelike effect, our assortment of wreaths, garlands, and arrangements add charm and beauty to your spaces.

Why should you choose artificial over real flowers?

Artificial florals have been around for hundreds of years. Traditionally made from silk, faux blooms have been used for artistic expression and decoration. Today, these decorative accents are mainly manufactured from polyester fabric. Even with the use of synthetics, the best artificial flowers on the market are delightfully lifelike.

Balsam Hill's selections are professionally handcrafted with exceptional realism. The premium quality of materials also ensures longevity and make faux blooms a reliable alternative to real ones. Here are other reasons our customers choose to decorate with artificial floral arrangements:

  • Always in season

    Enjoy your favorite flowers from spring, summer, fall, and winter anytime. Balsam Hill offers bulk artificial flower decoration year-round.

  • Low maintenance

    Leaving home for a week or longer will not be a problem. Artificial flowers stay vibrant and lifelike even without water and sunlight.

  • Allergen-free

    Our artificial blooms are crafted from handmade polyester petals and leaves, which means they don't contain pollen and other natural allergens.

  • Versatile

    Our beautiful pieces smoothly transition from one season to the next. They also fit different areas and celebrations. In addition, we make our florals with bendable stems and petals, making flower arrangement as easy as possible.

How do you arrange flowers?

Floral arrangements are a timeless centerpiece–it not only adds beauty to a room, but also boosts your mood and reduces stress. Here are the basic considerations to make them:

  • Fluff your flowers

    Upon unboxing, carefully fluff and shape your flower décor to achieve a fuller look before arranging or displaying them in your home. This is especially important for wreaths and garlands that get compressed in boxes upon shipping.

  • Mix and match flower stems

    Choose stems in different shades of the same color. Trim some of the stems shorter or place a few deeper into your planter to add depth and variety.

  • Add faux greenery

    Fill in any gaps with vines, twigs, and wood backing. Faux greenery helps create a fuller and more colorful silhouette.

  • Tie it all up with ribbons

    Choose a ribbon that complements your blooms. Wrap it around the pot or basket as a finishing touch. Or tie small ones below the flower heads to draw the eyes to your favorite elements.

How do you keep artificial flowers from fading?

Faux florals, especially silk flowers, have a natural tendency to lose its bright colors over time. Long sun exposure fades your floral accents more quickly. Here are a couple of ways you can keep that from happening:

  • Look for the “outdoor safe” label

    This is the most important detail to consider if you're decorating the front porch and other outdoor spaces. It means that they're specially treated with UV protection, making them resistant to sun damage and fading.

  • Protect them from the elements

    We recommend displaying all types of artificial blossoms in covered areas. Keep them away from harsh UV rays under direct sunlight to prolong their vibrance. Consider using an assortment of decorative shades such as a canopy. Another ideal place for outdoor use is under an archway or pergola.

    We also recommend displaying both indoor blooms and other outdoor spring decor for up to three months a year. This helps keep their vibrant colors and prevent white flowers from turning yellow.

For more care tips for your decorative florals, read our helpful guide How to Care for Artificial Flowers. Also read the Balsam Hill difference to learn what sets our products apart.