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48" - 60" Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Choose Balsam Hill’s 48-inch Christmas wreaths as the perfect backdrop for your holiday gatherings. With a variety of decoration and lighting options, our oversized Christmas wreaths are sure to complete your festive display.

How Do You Choose the Right Size of Christmas Wreath?

When decorating with greenery, size is just as important as the style. For example, A 48-inch Christmas wreath will be too big for a standard 36-inch wide door. A wreath that is too small, on the other hand, may not have much impact on your home décor. Here are some sizing tips to keep in mind:

  • 18 to 26-inch Christmas Wreaths

These sizes are ideal for standard doors that measure 30 to 36 inches wide. If you have double doors, you can hang two wreaths of the same size.

  • 28 to 32-inch Christmas Wreaths

These are recommended sizes for oversized doors, or if you prefer a dramatic look on a standard entryway.

  • 36 to 42-inch Christmas Wreaths

Double doors and wider archways are best for these sizes. When fully fluffed, a 36-inch artificial Christmas wreath will sit flushed on a standard-sized door.

  • 48 to 60-inch Christmas Wreaths

For wider spaces like walls with vaulted ceilings or above large fireplace mantels, choose any of our 48-inch Christmas wreaths or 60-inch Christmas wreaths.

How Do You Hang Large Christmas Wreaths?

Oversized faux wreaths fill any room with instant charm and cheer. Safely hang large Christmas wreaths outdoors or indoors with these easy tips:

  • On Walls and Windows

Use adhesive hooks to hang wreaths on walls and windows without leaving permanent damage. Make sure to clean and dry the surface before sticking the adhesive hook to strengthen its grip and keep it secure. For large wreaths, add another hook at the bottom for extra support.

  • On Doors

Wreath hangers with steel frames are well-suited to support heavier and larger Christmas wreaths. Some hangers are specially-designed to be placed over the door so you don’t need to leave any holes or marks. Choose a double-sided door wreath hanger to display wreaths from the inside and outside. For added flair, loop a decorative ribbon through the center of your wreath and tie it over an adhesive hook or hanger with a secure knot.

  • On Staircases and Railings

Create visual interest with wreaths hanging from your banisters and porch railings. Transparent nylon fishing line and craft wire are two of the best heavy-duty materials for securing large Christmas wreaths. String one end of the nylon cord or craft wire through the wreath then tie it around the rail or suspend the wreath from a hook.

Before displaying wreaths outside, check if they are designed for outdoor display. Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe Christmas wreaths are made with protective UV coating and weather-resistant materials to withstand the effects of sunlight and other elements. Lend an enchanting glow to your exterior spaces with our selection of 48-inch pre-lit outdoor Christmas wreaths.

How Do You Store a Large Wreath?

Maintain the beauty of your artificial evergreens for seasons to come through proper care and storage. Follow the steps below.

  1. Remove Added Decorations

Take down your Christmas wreath from its display area. Then, pull out any Christmas decorations that are not built into the wreath.

  1. Clean Your Christmas Wreath

Remove dirt or dust buildup using a feather duster or a hair dryer set on low. Next, gently wipe individual branches and decorations with a microfiber cloth.

  1. Compress the Foliage

Afterwards, press the foliage carefully. You need to de-fluff the wreath so it will fit better into the storage container.

  1. Pack It in a Storage Bag

Place your Christmas wreath inside a sturdy storage bag to preserve its shape. Choose Balsam Hill’s specially-designed wreath storage bags that come with an inner hanger and curved carrying handle to keep wreaths upright. Finally, place it in a cool, dry location during the off-season.

Get the perfect match to your Christmas tree with our selection of premium artificial greenery. From grand 60-inch pre-lit outdoor Christmas wreaths to simple undecorated 48-inch Christmas wreaths, you’ll find the best seasonal décor for your home from Balsam Hill. Request a Catalog to see our collections.