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Shipping to Canada

Balsam Hill™ is delighted to offer two shipping options for our customers in Canada.

Border Shipping for Canada

If you live near the US border, one great option for receiving your Balsam Hill products is offered by Kinek.com. Kinek has set up secure parcel receiving locations, called KinekPoints, at nearly every major border crossing between the US and Canada. Each location is located on the US side of the border and by signing up for the Kinek service and shipping to a KinekPoint, you can receive the same shipping prices as US customers!

Some of the major cities Kinek serves are: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, London, Kingston, Kelowna, Sault Ste. Marie, Saint John, Fredericton, and Cornwall.

Click here to sign up for your free Kinek account. Once you have registered, proceed with your Balsam Hill checkout and simply enter your new KinekPoint shipping address. Kinek is not affiliated with Balsam Hill. To learn more, Click here.

Not on the Border

Balsam Hill is delighted to arrange for shipping to all of Canada on behalf of its Canadian customers through a partnership with FedEx. If you choose to have your order shipped to Canada, please specify shipment to a Canadian address at checkout. Once your payment has been processed and the transaction is complete, you will become the owner of the products in your order, and we will then give your package(s) to FedEx for shipment. Fedex will select a customs broker to act as your agent to move your order across the border and remit the applicable customs duties and GST/PST or HST on your behalf. Balsam Hill will collect an additional amount for your order at checkout to cover the applicable duties, taxes, and brokerage fees.

To see the exact amount that you will be charged for your order, please place your item(s) in the shopping cart, utilize the “Calculate Shipping and Taxes” feature, fill in your address, and click on “Calculate.” You will then see the amount to be paid to FedEx on your behalf as well as the grand total for your order, all in U.S. Dollars. Any references to “Taxes” in the checkout process or an order confirmation email you receive from Balsam Hill refers to the funds that we collect from you and pass along to FedEx to cover the brokerage fees and the applicable customs duties and GST/PST or HST paid by the customs broker on your behalf.

In placing your order with Balsam Hill and specifying shipment to a Canadian address, you are authorizing FedEx’s customs broker to act as your agent to move your Balsam Hill order across the border into Canada, clear the merchandise with the Canada Border Services Agency, and process all applicable duties, fees, and taxes on your behalf. You will be the owner of all products that you have purchased at the time when they enter Canada and you will be the Importer of Record, which means that you will be responsible for complying with all laws and regulations relating to the shipment of the goods into Canada. This is the same as it would be if you were picking up your package(s) at a KinekPoint near the border, or other location in the U.S., and carrying them into Canada yourself.

Canada Returns

If you are a Canadian customer and have a Balsam Hill product that is eligible for return, please contact us and we will provide you with prepaid return shipping labels and a RMA number. Canadian returns must be sent to an independent returns center in Canada, who will then facilitate the return of your items to us:

HCK Logistics Warehouse
7699 Kimbel Street
Mississauga, ON, Canada
L5S 1A7

Please note, it is important to utilize our return labels. Shipment through any other means or to any other address may result in delays or refusal of returned goods.