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    Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree

    A true classic, our Tannenbaum Evergreen Trees are a timeless addition to any Christmas celebration. Reminiscent of the majestic Alps or any high alpine area, these Christmas trees feature downward sloping branches ready to be laiden with snow.
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    Single Tree
    7' Tall
    Slim 26" Wide
    Clear Lights
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    *Note that the height includes tree stand
    Customers love the Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree
    I purchased this tree because I wanted a slim tree. I knew this tree wasn't going to be based on alpine trees that existed at high altitudes; branches would not be full and perfect. It was perfect. It was just what I wanted.
    —Sharon from Vermont
    What you see is truly what you get!
    This was easy to assemble and it's calming to see. Weather it's lighted or just seen during the day it adds so much to a room!
    —~Nina from Kemah , TX
    Looks as if it came from a German forest
    The Tannenbaum tree is so realistic; easy to assemble right out of the box within minutes. It is an amazingly beautiful simulation of a tree in a German forest.
    —N & J from San Francisco, CA
    Exactly what I was looking for
    I keep the tree up year around. Decorate for the seasons. Love it simplicity and "woodsy" look. Thanks!!!
    —Kath the tree lover from Michigan
    Loving My Charlie Brown Tree
    Looks fabulous all decorated and I like the fact that the branches start about 2 feet up the tree so you can put BIG packages under it. Love my tree!!
    —Rae Rae from Washington
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    Beautiful Foliage

    The Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree offers a slim profile with an option of a faux-snow covering. Attached, flexible branches bend outward for fast and easy setup Crafted from flame-retardant materials and free of tree related allergens.

    Traditional tree with 100% Classic Needles
    Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree by Balsam Hill Foliage
    Branch Detail
    Classic deep-green foliage available with or without gentle faux-snow frosting. Features light yellow-brown accented stems.
    Slim Profile
    Unique, slim shape adds a decorator touch to secondary rooms or holiday displays.
    Industry-Leading Lights

    The Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree is offered prelit with premium clear lights.

    Heavenly Christmas™ Lights
    The very best lights available on the market. We optimize our light counts and bulb brightness to give each tree a balanced and warm festive glow.
    Patented Technology
    The patented mechanical design of our incandescent lights ensures if one bulb burns out or is removed, the rest remain lit. Each bulb features classic glass casings and commercial-grade filaments so they last at least 3300 hours.
    Professionally Hand-Strung
    UL® approved lights are professionally hand-strung to reduce the appearance of wires.
    INCLUDED with THE Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree
    • Premium tree stand with scratch-proof rubber feet
    • Off-season storage bag(s)
    • Protective gloves to shape your tree in style
    • Extra bulbs and fuses
    • On/off foot pedal included on trees with Clear Lights
    3-year Product Warranty

    We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products, and we stand behind their quality. All non-clearance trees are backed by our 3-year warranty, which covers:

    • Quality of tree frame, foliage, hinges, and stand
    • Repair or replacement of lights on pre-lit trees
    3-year warranty
    Complete coverage
    on all trees
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    Assembling your Balsam Hill™ Tree
    Shaping your Tree
    1. With each branch, separate out the individual tips and angle them out and away from the center of the tree.
    2. Angle the tips furthest back on the branch and sideways out from the branch to resemble a peacock's fanned tail when shaped.
    3. Shape the branches vertically upward as much as possible to give the tree its full appearance. Enjoy your Balsam Hill™ tree!
    Storing your Tree
    1. Remove all ornaments. Check that the tree is unplugged and the wires are not twisted or tangled to avoid damage while in storage.
    2. With the tree still standing, un-fluff the branches and detach each section of the tree.
    3. Secure the compressed sections with a cord or ribbon before placing them in the provided storage bag. Store your tree in a cool, dry location.
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