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Balsam Hill™ Product Information
What are Candlelight™ LED lights?
  Our special Candlelight™ LED lights are the first clear LED Christmas lights with a warm glow instead of the colder, bright-white light of other LEDs best suited for outdoor use. Now you can choose an LED option which allows you to enjoy the warm relaxing glow of traditional holiday lighting with Balsam Hill's Candlelight LEDs.

What are Color+Clear™ Lights?
  Balsam Hill's trees with Color+Clear™ lights allow you to change the light color to suit your holiday mood. This lighting system uses a remote control to let you turn your Christmas tree lights on or off as well as instantly switch from among one of three lighting choices: clear, multi-colored lights, or both. Now you can quickly customize your Christmas tree's lighting style to fit different decor or lighting tastes - all at the touch of a button!

What is True Needle™ technology?
  Exclusive to Balsam Hill™, True Needle™ technology is the premier needle technology available for producing realistic, lifelike tree needles.  These needles are made from PE plastic material and are made to match the color, shape, and texture of real tree needles. True Needle technology is featured in all of our Signature Collection trees. Check out all of our True Needle products on our special True Needle Technology page.

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