International Shipping


International Shipping Now Available to Some Geographies

If you are in Canada, please visit the Canada Shipping Page.
If you are in the United Kingdom or Ireland, please visit our Balsam Hill UK website.
If you are in France, please click here for our French website.
If you are in Germany, click here for our German website.
If you are in Australia, click here for our Australian website.

Important Information

  • Voltage
    All products purchased at that require AC power are designed to operate on the North American standard voltage of 110V. For use in regions with different voltage standards, please use an appropriate voltage transformer to provide your Balsam Hill products with 110V AC current. For example, if your local current is 220V AC, you must find the appropriate step-down transformer to convert the power to 110V.

  • Warranty
    Please note that any applicable warranties for items purchased on this site are not valid outside of the USA and Canada. Additionally, Balsam Hill cannot repair products that are damaged by using the incorrect electrical power.

  • Return Policy
    The Balsam Hill return policy for orders placed on is not valid outside of the USA and Canada.

  • Responsibility
    If you use a shipment consolidator, Balsam Hill is responsible for processing your order and shipping it to your chosen shipping provider. Once the shipping company has received your packages, it is their responsibility to deliver the order to you safely.

Contact Information

Please reach out to Customer Service for any questions.