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    Easy Setup Trees
    Balsam Hill is the exclusive owner
    of three innovative technologies
    for easy setup artificial christmas
    trees — flip trees®, Instant Evergreen™ and easy plug™ trees.

    Besides superb craftsmanship and realism, Balsam Hill offers technologies that make setting up your holiday centerpiece quicker and more intuitive. Spend less time on assembly and more on executing your stunning decorating theme with an easy setup artificial Christmas tree.

    What is the easiest Christmas tree to set up?

    Balsam Hill has several easy setup Christmas tree innovations to choose from. Take a look to see which one suits your decorating needs:

    Easy Plug® Artificial Christmas Trees

    Our Easy Plug trees feature professionally hand-strung lights with strings connected inside the trunk. This patented technology lets you light up your centerpiece with a single plug. Experience a safer, more convenient way to enjoy a dazzling holiday display with an easy setup Christmas tree with lights.

    Flip Trees®

    Unlike a typical holiday centerpiece, our Flip Trees come with fewer sections: the base and the treetop. It’s also available in various shapes and heights of up to 14 feet. Simply roll the base to your desired location, flip it, then attach the treetop.

    How to Set up a Flip Tree:

    1. Roll the tree out of its box and to your desired location. Lock it in place using the front wheel brakes of the tree stand.
    1. Find the flip path indicator arrow at the top of the flip pole. Flip the tree by pulling the flip pole in the direction of the arrow.
    1. Attach the treetop to the tree base.

    This technology efficiently cuts down the time spent setting up and storing an artificial Christmas tree. Not only does a Flip Tree save you time, it also does away with heavy lifting.

    Pre-fluffed® Instant Evergreen® Artificial Christmas Trees

    Our Pre-fluffed trees feature Instant Evergreen memory wire branches that fan out upon setup. Fluffing and shaping requires less time and effort. In addition, they’re also made with our signature True Needle® foliage and Easy Plug technology. A pre-fluffed easy setup artificial Christmas tree offers realism and convenience in one.

    Balsam Hill has a wide selection of easy to assemble artificial Christmas trees. View our catalog or request for a printed version here.

    When decorating a Christmas tree what goes on first?

    Creating a holiday masterpiece is easier than it seems with these six steps.

    1. Fluff and shape your tree

    Once assembled, prep your tree for decorating by fluffing and shaping its branches. Fan out the tips starting with the ones nearest to the pole, then spread the branches. Next, start shaping the bottom section and work your way up.

    If the tree is taller than six feet, an option is to shape the treetop first before stacking it on the base. If you have a pre-lit centerpiece, this is the ideal time to check if the lights are in good working order.

    1. String Christmas tree lights

    If you have a pre-lit tree, skip this step, and proceed to the next one.

    For unlit artificial trees, start with stringing your lights because adding these after hanging ornaments is more difficult. In fact, it may result in dislodging decorations.

    1. Decorate with Christmas ornaments and ribbons

    Once you’re set on a decorating theme, choose complementary ornaments. Ribbons also make charming accents. There are several ways to style them. View our guide on decorating with ribbons here.

    1. Add garlands, picks, and sprays

    Next, style your tree with garlands, picks, and sprays. These add dimension and depth, as well as fill in gaps between branches. Accents like these help tie your theme together, too.

    1. Crown the tree with a topper

    Don’t forget to top your tree with an elegant lighted star, angel, or finial. Another option is to fashion one from large ribbons or tie several gorgeous tree picks or sprays together.

    1. Lay out the tree skirt or collar

    Lastly, wrap the base with a tree skirt or collar. These conceal your tree stand and act as a beautiful backdrop for your presents. Balsam Hill offers tree skirts and collars made from a variety of materials, including faux fur, quilted fabric, and weave.

    For a more in-depth guide, read our resource article on Christmas decorating tips.

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