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Trees with Pine Needles
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Our Pine Needle artificial Christmas trees evoke the rustic charm of real pine trees. The long needles and sharp ridges of these beautiful trees make them a classic favorite.

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Pine Needle Artificial Christmas Trees

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California Baby Redwood Artificial Christmas Tree California Baby Redwood Flip Tree™ Rocky Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree
Heights: 7½'9'10'12'15'+
Most Realistic
Heights: 7½'9'
Most Realistic Flip Tree
Heights: 5½'6½'7½'9'
Scotch Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Sugar Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Mendocino Artificial Christmas Pine Tree
Heights: 6½'7½'9'
Heights: 7'9'
Heights: 4'
Coloma Golden Pine Potted Christmas Tree Potted White Pine
Heights: 4'5'
Heights: 5'
Heights: <4'4'
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Balsam Hill™ Pine Needles are used to create natural looking artificial pine foliage. These needles are made of PVC and realistically mimic natural pine needles with their hard texture, sharp ridges, and long thin shape. Our Pine Needle foliage has an authentic woodsy look and is used to create our realistic artificial pine Christmas trees. Pine Needles are also featured as a secondary needle type on a few trees to impart a woodsy texture and feel.
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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!
The tree looks fabulous on a short platform with white draping and a colorful tree skirt...

Cheery Christmas from Nashville, TN

about the Pikes Peak White Christmas Tree
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