Christmas Tree Buyer's Guide
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Make the tree work for your decorations and ornaments

How will my decorations look on the tree?

When buying a tree, you should consider how you plan to decorate the Christmas tree. Make sure the branches on your tree are strong enough to support the weight of your decorations. When shopping online, read the product descriptions carefully to make sure that products claiming to have delicate or soft branches are sturdy enough for your Christmas tree decorations. If you have many large ornaments, you may want to consider a Christmas tree that has branches that are spaced out to give your ornaments the space to be appropriately displayed. Trees like the Aspen Silver Fir that is designed with a faux trunk that is meant to be seen or the Rocky Mountain Pine with its spruce shape are perfect for large ornaments. If you are going for more of a simple look, a tree that appears "full" and has a relatively large number of tips will look better unadorned with Christmas tree ornaments.

If you would like further ideas on how to decorate your tree, visit our Pinterest page.

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