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California Baby Redwood | 15' High | Full 90" Wide | Color+Clear™ Lights
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Majestic grandeur of the Pacific Northwest

Though its name, 'Baby Redwood,' is perhaps an oxymoron, our designers crafted this tree based on the California Redwood, the world's tallest tree. Also known as the Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), this giant formerly was native to the majority of the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts until widespread harvesting left only a few stands of old-growth forest remaining. Our California Baby Redwood™ pays honor to this king of trees while capturing the warm colors indigenous to its native Pacific Coast.

Our signature California Baby Redwood™ is absolutely stunning in appearance, and is one of our most popular trees of all time. Featuring distinct branch layers incorporating our exclusive True Needle™ technology, this tree is so beautiful you may hesitate to decorate it. Its beautiful "downswept" branches provide ample space and strength to showcase your ornaments, including large or heavy ornaments. For remarkably simple setup, we've designed our pre-lit trees (up to 11') with our revolutionary Easy Plug™ technology, which automatically connects each light string through the trunk of the tree. With this feature, the only plug you need to touch during setup is the one that goes in the wall.

As with all of our Napa Christmas™ Signature Collection trees, the California Baby Redwood™ comes with clear lights or our premium Color+Clear™ lights, and may be complemented by matching wreaths and garlands. You cannot go wrong with this tree—your friends and family will surely be impressed!

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Foliage Benefits

Lifelike Foliage

Based on the world's tallest tree, our California Baby Redwood™ is a lush, stunning tree with beautiful downswept branches. Attached, hinged branches fold outward for fast and easy setup. Crafted from flame-retardant materials and free of tree related allergens.

Most Realistic Primarily premium True Needle™ tips (50%) with Classic Needle (40%) branches for fullness, and a small number of Pine Needles (10%) for added interest.
Branch Detail
Branch Detail Distinct long and tapered deep-green foliage, accented by richly shaded light-green tips and dramatic dark-brown stems.
Lush, Full Profile Lush, full profile with sweeping, tiered branch structure for showcasing large or heavy ornaments.
Preview this Tree at Home A branch from this tree is included in our branch sample kit.   Learn More »

Lighting Benefits

Industry-Leading Lights

The California Baby Redwood™ is offered pre-lit with a variety of lighting options to meet individual tastes. All prelit models up to 11' features Easy Plug™ set-up—strings are fully connected throughout the tree and connections between sections are made automatically inside the tree's patented trunk design. You only need to touch one light string during setup: the one you plug into the wall.

Heavenly Christmas™ LightsThe very best lights available on the market. We optimize our light counts and bulb brightness to give each tree a balanced and warm festive glow.
Easy Plug™ SetupFor prelit trees up to 11', light connections between sections are made inside the tree's trunk, so you only need to plug the tree into the wall.
Color + Clear™ OptionOur exclusive Color+Clear lighting system allows you to change from clear to multicolored lights effortlessly with our remote control.
Candlelight™ LED LightsUnlike the cold light emitted from traditional LEDs, our energy-efficient Candlelight™ LEDs provide a warm glow reminiscent of a candle's flame.

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Warranty Info

Extended Product Warranty

We take great pride in the craftsmanship of each of our Balsam Hill™ products and we stand behind their quality. This product is covered by the following warranties:
  • Balsam Hill 10-year foliage warranty for all trees 12' and under
  • Balsam Hill 5-year foliage warranty for all trees 15' and over
  • Balsam Hill 3-year light warranty

10-Year Foliage Warranty for these trees 12' & under
5-Year Foliage Warranty for these trees 15' & over
3-Year Light Warranty for prelit products

What's in the Box?

Included with the California Baby Redwood™ Tree

  • Premium tree stand with scratch-proof rubber feet
  • Off-season storage bag(s)
  • Protective gloves to shape your tree in style
  • Extra bulbs and fuses included for pre-lit trees
  • On/off foot pedal included for trees with Clear Lights
  • Remote control included for trees with Color+Clear™ Lights