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Balsam Hill™, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is voluntarily recalling the following products.

Balsam Hill will notify all customers whom we can identify as having bought the product. If you have purchased any of the items during the date range listed, please read below for important safety information and how to contact us for resolution.

Recalled Color+Clear™ Trees with Remote Control

This recall is on the following trees sold between July 22nd 2012 and December 20th, 2012:

  • California Baby Redwood Color+Clear™ with model numbers 65285022962140112 and 65285021306450112.

  • Colorado Mountain Spruce Color+Clear™ with model numbers 65285021343940112, 65285021341520112.

  • Vermont White Spruce Color+Clear™ with model numbers 65285021039130112, 65285023641430112, and 65285023644530112.

  • Vermont White Spruce Narrow Color+Clear™ with model number 65285023638420112.

  • BH Fraser Fir Color+Clear™ with model numbers 65285022486220112, 65285023647620112, and 65285023074030112.

  • Aspen Estate Fir Color+Clear™ with model number 65285022166320112.

The remote control receiver box attached to the Christmas tree can overheat and melt, posing burn and shock hazards to consumers. If you have one of these trees, please discontinue the use of the remote control devices immediately.

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we are making available free of charge to all affected consumers a retrofit kit. This kit replaces the original remote control device(s) that were supplied with the trees. This retrofit kit will allow you to quickly and easily repair your tree so you can use the remote control features as originally intended.

Customers who were shipped a tree with a potentially faulty control box are being mailed a retrofit kit in February/March 2013. If you believe you may have one of these trees but do not receive the retrofit kit, or if you have any questions, please contact us toll-free at 877-694-2752 or email us at

For more information you may visit the CPSC website Recall Alert regarding these products at Balsam Hill Recall Alert.

California Baby Redwood Colorado Mountain Spruce Vermont White Spruce Vermont White Spruce Narrow BH Fraser Fir Aspen Estate Fir

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