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As of February 1, 2012, the following items are low in stock and are only available to ship from one of our warehouses. Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery of these items. We apologize that we are unable to provide more detailed estimated shipping times for these items. Thank you.


Height      Name                                                        Item                    Lights
6'Alleghany Evergreen Outdoor TreeTreeMulti
9'Alleghany Evergreen Outdoor TreeTreeMulti
9'Aspen Estate FirTreeColor+Clear
12'Aspen Estate FirTreeAll Options
AllAspen Silver FirTreeunlit
4.5'Berkshire Mountain FirTreeunlit
6.5'Berkshire Mountain FirTreeMulti
7.5'Berkshire Mountain FirTreeunlit
7.5'BH Balsam FirTreeAll Options
9'BH Balsam FirTreeCandlelight LED
9'BH Balsam FirTreeclear
6.5'BH Fraser FirTreeColor+Clear
6.5'BH Fraser FirTreeMulti
9'BH Fraser FirTreeAll Options
5.5'BH Noble FirTreeAll Options
6.5'BH Noble FirTreeCandlelight LED
6.5'BH Noble FirTreeColor+Clear
9'BH Noble FirTreeClear
9'BH Noble FirTreeColor+Clear
5.5'Black SpruceTreeAll Options
AllBlack Spruce with Simple String TM Treeunlit
7.5'Blue SpruceTreeUnlit
9'Blue SpruceTreeunlit
12'California Baby RedwoodTreeAll Options
4.5'Classic White Christmas TreeTreeClear
6.5'Classic White Christmas TreeTreeMulti
7.5'Classic White Christmas TreeTreeMulti
4'Colorado Mountain Spruce Potted TreeTree Clear
7'Colorado Mountain Spruce Potted TreeTree Clear
4.5'Colorado Mountain Spruce TreeTreeColor+Clear™
6.5'Colorado Mountain Spruce TreeTreeAll Options
7.5'Colorado Mountain Spruce TreeTreeColor+Clear
7.5'Durango Douglas Fir TreeTreeMulti
7'Fifth Avenue FlatbackTreeMulti
4'Mendocino Pine TreeTreeunlit
4.5'Mount Washington WhiteTreeClear
9'Norway SpruceTreeCandlelight LED
5.5'Pikes Peak WhiteTreeunlit
6.5'Pikes Peak WhiteTreeClear
3'Potted White PineTreeClear
12' Red Spruce SlimTreeClear
15'Red Spruce SlimTreeClear
15'Rockefeller PineTreeLED Clear
15'Rockefeller PineTreeMulti
5.5'Rocky Mountain PineTreeClear
6.5'Rocky Mountain PineTreeMulti
7'Saratoga SpruceTreeClear
6.5'Smoky Mountains SpruceTreeAll Options
6.5'Sugarlands SpruceTreeAll Options
9'Sugarlands SpruceTreeClear
9'Valley Forge Spruce with Simple String TMTreeunlit
4.5'Vermont White Spruce TreeTreeColor+Clear
7.5'Vermont White Spruce TreeTreeClear
7.5'Vermont White Spruce TreeTreeColor+Clear
9'Vermont White Spruce TreeTreeClear
9'Vermont White Spruce TreeTreeColor+Clear
12'Vermont White Spruce TreeTreeColor+Clear
7'Westwood PineTreeMulti
41"Spiral ArborvitaePotted Tree Clear

Wreaths, Garlands and Accessories

Size          Name                                                        Item                    Lights
AllAspen Estate FirWreathClear
AllAspen Silver Fir WreathWreath Clear
24"Autumn Harvest WreathWreathClear
48"BH Fraser FirWreathMulti
48"BH Noble FirWreathClear
60"BH Noble FirWreathClear
30" Black SpruceWreathMulti LED
48"California Baby Redwood WreathWreath Clear
36"Colorado Mountain Spruce WreathWreath Clear
AllCopper Creek Estate WreathWreathClear
16"English BoxwoodWreathn/a
42"Jefferson Double Door WreathWreathn/a
36"Norway SpruceWreathClear
30" Red SpruceWreathClear
36"Scotch PineWreathClear
30"Smoky Mountains SpruceWreathClear
n/aUniversal Rotation Tree StandTree Standn/a
10'Berkshire Mountain FirGarlandClear
10'BH Noble FirGarlandunlit
10'Colorado Mountain Spruce GarlandGarlandClear
10'Norway Spruce GarlandGarlandClear
10'Red SpruceGarlandClear

All ornaments and tree skirts

As a reminder, the following products are not covered under the Balsam Hill Free Shipping policy. Please call customer service at 1-888-552-2572 for details on shipping for these trees:

  • 18' and taller Rockefeller Pine Trees
  • 15' Vermont White Spruce
  • 18' California Baby Redwood

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